1. What should I expect?
    Classes are friendly and allow you to exercise in a non-competitive environment. Numbers in the matwork classes are kept low to allow individual attention.
    As Pilates offers a different way of working with your body it can sometimes be difficult to understand or 'get it' in the first couple of sessions. Don't worry - this is quite common! Do give yourself time to allow your body to adapt and adjust, you won't regret it.
  2. What should I wear?
    Wear something easy to move in - gym trousers/leggings and t-shirt. Shoes aren't worn during class so either bare feet or socks.
  3. How long is the class?
    The matwork classes are one hour long. Open studio sessions are 60 minutes. Initial 1-1 sessions are 75 minutes, thereafter 1-1s are 60 minutes.
  4. What do I need to bring?
    Nothing, everything is provided at the studio, you may wish to bring a water bottle. 
  5. Why are the classes run in blocks?
    To get the best results you should practise regularly, allowing you to develop and consolidate your skills over the eight weeks as the block progresses.

  6. What if I miss a class?
    You are very welcome to catch up at another class during the block, space allowing.
  7. Do men do Pilates?
    Yes. When Joseph Pilates devised the method 60% of his clients were men. Many top male athletes now incorporate Pilates into their training regimes. It is not a 'girl thing'!
  8. Can I do Pilates when pregnant?
    Pilates is beneficial during pregnancy and helps recovery postnatally.
    The best way to practise during pregnancy is to attend a specialist Pilates for pregnancy class or have private 1-1 classes.
    Karen holds a specialist post-graduate qualification in Pilates for Pregnancy and Post Natal. Please call for more information on ante and post natal Pilates.
  9. I have a specific illness / injury, can Pilates help me?
    Pilates aids in the rehabilitation of many specialised conditions.
  10. I'm a teenager / I'm in my 70s can I do Pilates?
    Yes. Pilates is suitable for all ages and stages.
  11. Studio etiquette - if you are ill please stay at home and get some rest, we will miss you at class but we don’t want to share your illness; phones, unless you are on call please turn it off and leave in your bag or jacket; alcohol and Pilates do not mix, do not consume any alcohol prior to attending class; please remove shoes at the entrance to help keep the floor clean for us to lie on. Thanks in advance.

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