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About Karen

Qualified Matwork and Universal Reformer Pilates teacher.

Specialist pregnancy and post-natal certification. 

Currently undertaking Lolita's Legacy comprehensive teacher training programme


Karen qualified as a matwork teacher with the Pilates Foundation in 2010.


Having practised Pilates extensively for over ten years prior to commencing the rigorous Pilates Foundation teacher training course at Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio in Edinburgh, she had experienced the positive effects of Pilates on her own body, even more so during pregnancy and post-natally, and is passionate about helping others discover the benefits of Pilates.


As a Pilates Foundation accredited teacher Karen maintains an ongoing commitment to professional development, regularly attending CPD workshops and courses.

Since qualifying Karen has continued studying, completing a post graduate certification in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates with Rachel Rafiefar, a specialist Pilates for pregnancy teacher and master teacher trainer at The Thoughtful Body studio. Karen is a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Post-natal Exercise Instructors. 


Karen is also qualified to teach on the Universal Reformer having undertaken the teacher training programme at the Brigid McCarthy Pilates Studio. 


Karen is currently undertaking the Lolita's Legacy comprehensive teacher training programme. Lolita's Legacy is the teacher training programme of Lolita San Miguel, a first generation Pilates master teacher who trained with Joseph Pilates and is one of the Pilates 'elders'. Lolita was one of only two Pilates teachers to be certificated by Joseph Pilates himself. On completion of this training Karen will become a third generation Pilates teacher and will offer tuition on all pieces of studio apparatus in addition to her well established programme of matwork and Reformer classes.

Some of the professional development workshops Karen has attended include -

  • Pilates for Equestrians with Mary Thornton
  • Teaching Men Pilates with Anthony Lett
  • Pilates in Clay (anatomy) with Anthony Lett
  • Release or Recruit? with Suzy Barton and Warrick McNeill
  • Neurodynamics for Pilates Teachers with Suzy Barton and Warrick McNeill
  • Beyond Neutral with Nathan Gardner
  • Spirals with Nathan Gardner
  • Feldenkrais with Vanessa Smith 
  • Working with Hypermobility with Isobel Knight and Jessica Moolenaar
  • Rolling through the Spine with Brigid McCarthy
  • Finding your Legs with Brigid McCarthy 
  • Review, Refine and Extend your Practice with Hana Jones
  • Feldenkrais and Pilates - giving clients choices with Vanessa Smith
  • Psoas - the clever guy of the pelvis with Cameron Angus
  • The Sidebend with Fiona Carter and Cameron Angus
  • Emphasis on Extension with Alan Herdman
  • Carola Trier's Circuit Workout with Jillian Hessel
  • Mastering Control on the Mat with Brett Howard
  • Pilates for the Military with Joakim Valsinger
  • A True Pilates Studio Experience with Lolita San Miguel
  • Lolita's Body Walk with Brett Howard
  • Studio Circuit for the Whole Body with Brett Howard

In addition to teaching weekly mat classes and 1-1s Karen has also taught specialist workshops on Pilates for equestrians and has run sessions for top level ice-dancers. She also assisted at a Mobilize charity event for injured servicemen. 

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