Classes at Brigh Pilates Studio 

Matwork classes 


Mondays (with Michelle)

6.00pm: Improvers 

7.15pm: Beginners / Improvers 

8.30pm: Beginners / Improvers  (Men’s class) 


Tuesdays (with Karen)

9.30am: Beginners / Improvers

6pm: Improvers

7.15pm: Intermediate+

8.30pm: Intermediate


Wednesdays (with Karen)

9.30am: Beginners / Improvers
5.30pm: Improvers 
6.45pm: Intermediate 
8pm: Intermediate+

Thursdays (with Karen)

9.30am: Beginners / Improvers

6.30pm: Ante-Natal 

7.45pm: Intermediate+
9pm: Intermediate 


Fridays (with Karen)

9.30am: Beginners / Improvers



Block dates

Current block: w/c 20 January - w/c 9 March, 8 weeks

Next block: w/c 16 March - w/c 11 May, 8 weeks 


Mat class prices  

Classes last for an hour and usually run in blocks of 8 weeks.

The cost for the 8 week block is £80.

The cost for the 8 week ante-natal class is £100.
Booking is required to secure your place. 


Booking policy
If you happen to miss your usual class there is the opportunity to catch up at another class during the block, subject to space availability. Fees are non-refundable once the block has commenced and refunds cannot be made for classes missed, but you can of course use the catch up option. 'Drop-in' basis sessions are only available to existing clients who wish to do an extra class in additon to their usual class, and again is subject to space being available. 'Drop in' cost is £12.00.



Studio classes 


You will use the state-of-the-art Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Wunda chair all shipped over from California, plus small equipment (Magic Circles, foam rollers, overballs, Swiss balls etc). 


Studio timetable (earliest and latest start times)

Tuesday 10.45am - 1pm

Wednesday 10.45am - 2.30pm

Thursday 10.45am - 3pm

Friday 10.45am - 1pm 

Saturday 9am - 10am


Private studio prices 

1-1 Introductory session: £55 per 1hour 15mins

1-1 classes: £45 per hour

Block of 5 1-1 classes: £200


1-2 Introductory session: £85 per 1hour 15mins (£42.50 per person)

1-2 classes: £65 per hour (£32.50 per person) 

Open studio info and prices 
In open studio sessions you work to your own individually designed programme with up to four other clients in the studio at the same time. Sessions last 90 minutes
Introductory session - £35
One class - £28 for 90 minutes
Block of 5 classes - £125 (equivalent to £25 per class, valid for 8 weeks)
Block of 10 classes - £230 (equivalent to £23 per class, valid for 3 months)
Block of 20 classes - £440 (equivalent to £22 per class, valid for 6 months)
The more you book the more you save. 
By booking in blocks you are making a saving of up to 20% on the cost of booking individual classes.
Invest in yourself, your body will thank you for it!  


Cancellation policy for studio sessions:

24 hours notification of cancellation or amendment is required, as this allows the opportunity for the session to be reallocated to another client. Failure to give 24 hours notification will result in the cost of the session being charged in full.

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